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New! – Your 5 Minutes Toast Bread

Union Foods has a new product called Your 5 Minute Toast Bread from the large Don Don Group. The Don Don Group operates in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Bulgaria. The Don Don Group’s sales programme includes fresh bread, pastries, desserts, cakes, baked desserts, special types of extended-life breads and pastries, point-of-sale baking, and other frozen products. The Don Don Group’s strategy is based on growth and industrialisation, thus making the group competitive with large international bakery companies.

The Don Don Company began its journey in 1994 in Metlika as a family business, making donuts and other sweet pastries. From that time to the present, they are committed to their goal – to listen to the needs of their customers and to respond to their needs with quality products.

In order to justify the confidence of their customers, they regularly keep up with global bakery trends, which serve as inspiration in the development of new products and services. Constant investment in new facilities and state-of-the-art equipment is necessary to keep pace with European and world manufacturers.

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A combination of tradition and future. Care of old recipes and traditional product manufacturing processes, while incorporating modern trends in nutrition, taking into account the wishes of customers, who are reaching for fast-consumption products in the fast pace of daily life (packaged products, sliced bread,…). Knowing how good bread is appreciated and how popular delicious bakery products (salty and sweet) are, they offer their customers products of the highest quality, best taste and appearance.

The following products have found their place in the Union Foods range:

Toast classic 500 g
Toast seeds 500 g
Toast butter 500 g

The products are:

  • made from carefully selected, high-quality ingredients using a rich recipe, which, after baking, are sterile, controlled cooled, with a minimum particle air pollution system, sterile packaging, controlled cut and packaged
  • produced in the most technologically hygienic sanitary conditions
  • have uniform product quality/appearance
  • safe and durable up to 45 day

Some things in life simply trigger fun. Family, sunny mornings, hot drinks, toaster, Your 5 Minute Toast Bread – a recipe for the best start of the day. Toast bread Your 5 minutes challenge you – try it, toast it!

We are sure you will love it!