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About us

Union Foods is one of the leading distributors of consumer goods in Bosnia and Herzegovina with over 20 years of experience. Apart from distribution, the most important segments of the company’s business activities are production and catering.


History and development

Union Foods d.o.o. is a company founded in 1997, with its registered office in Čitluk. The main business of the company is the distribution of chilled and non-chilled products. The success story of Union Foods begins way back in 1988 when the idea of organizing a business was created. Like any beginning, this was not an easy one, but with constant efforts and careful and thoughtful selection of partners, the door to success began to open. At the beginning of the 1990s, the biggest milestone in the company’s operations occurred through the introduction of fruit yoghurts and milk desserts to the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The then traditionally oriented market recognised the quality of a new type of product, which allowed Union Foods to expand faster, and the possibility of introducing a number of other world-renowned brands to our market. Union Foods subsequently formed into a chilled products distributor and became very quickly one of the leading distributors in this field. Nowadays, Union Foods has in its product range brands of non-chilled products, and its own production.


We are especially proud of our own brands, which register steady sales growth in the domestic and foreign markets.

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In order to survive in today’s market in the long term, it is necessary to have strong partners and the best products.

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Distribution network

Union Foods operates throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, covering it entirely thanks to its distribution centres.

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Business philosophy

What is specific about Union Foods is the organisational culture and core values that are conveyed throughout the company’s organisational structure.

We strive to act responsibly towards our employees, consumers, brands, partners and the society in general. We endeavour to build relationships based on mutual trust and loyalty.

Our greatest potential are our employees who have taken the company to an enviable level through hard work. It is thanks to them that Union Foods has become what it is today – one of the strongest domestic companies. The individual work of each employee is properly evaluated and placed in the context of the overall company performance.

Also, we have an extremely positive attitude towards competing distribution companies, because we believe that any form of healthy competition is the trigger for progress, not only for us as a distributor, but for the society as a whole. In this way, the quality of service and the quality of the product are continuously improved, which results in the strengthening of relationships with customers/consumers.


Mission and vision

The market of Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming more complex and, thanks to new sales trends and new technologies used in the exchange of information, it is becoming more dynamic and demanding. In order to meet all the forthcoming challenges, implementation of new technological solutions and a more creative approach to the problems of distribution and marketing are required.

Our aspirations are directed towards perfecting and meeting the requirements and needs of our clients, and will continue to be the driving force that will lead us towards achieving our goals. In business, we will continue to work on improving information exchange within the company and communication with our clients, and to strengthen partnerships as prerequisites for continued progress.

Long-term survival in today’s market is only possible with the best products and the strongest brands. Introducing new products to every market, including the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a very demanding process, but the efforts made often very quickly pay off. A careful strategy in planning the growth of the company has enabled us to become one of the leading companies in this segment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we plan to continue to apply the same principle of work in the future.

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