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NEW: Indomie instant noodles

Union Foods has a new product category in its offer, called Indomie instant noodles, which are the bestselling noodles in the world.

The specificity of Indomie products is that they do not require extensive culinary experience and time, so within minutes you have a complete and nutritious meal for you and your family.

Indomie products are prepared by pouring them in a pot, covering with boiling water and enjoying your quick and delicious cooked meal in 3 minutes.

Each pack of these noodles also has its own spices in special bags that you choose and add to the dish as you wish.

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For all those who are always in a hurry and do not manage to eat properly due to lack of time, we recommend Indomie Cup- instant noodles in a glass that can be eaten at work during breaks, between college lectures, anytime and anywhere. Boiling water is added to the Indomie Cup-instant noodles and after a few minutes they are ready to eat … Yes, we can eat from a glass with boiling water because it is made not only to keep warmth for a long time but you can also hold it in your hand despite the boiling water in it.

Also, in addition to the extra spices in the bag, this package also contains a plastic fork, which further facilitates consumption. The ease and speed of preparation, a complete and nutritious meal anytime and anywhere make Indomie pasta ideal for you.