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Monte at the children’s fair in Tuzla

This year’s great exhibition and fair event Children’s Fair 2015 in Tuzla was held for the first time from 8 to 10 May 2015. Under the slogan “Everything for our Little Ones”, during the three fair days, the organisers did their best to offer to the little ones, in addition to the fair programme, about 100 stage performances by children from kindergartens, schools and associations, and 35 workshops and playrooms for children without and with disabilities.

Union Foods d.o.o. supported the event with its brand Monte Zott, where it offered to little Monte product lovers the products in specially created packages for this event at fair prices of 5 and 10 KM. In addition to the sales section, Monte Zott also prepared a playroom for children through interesting Monte colouring books where children could express their creativity and knowledge of colours.

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But that’s not all, the children who made an effort and painted their works the best were rewarded by Monti with super rich Monte gifts. Due to the extremely high response of children 2-13 years of age during all three fair days, the children were divided into several categories so that the best drawing from each category was awarded, as well as the best drawing of the day.

In addition to the playroom, the children could play the social game “Ludo” with Monti. Monti, as happy and cheerful as ever, was the main attraction among the youngest as well as older visitors of the fair. The smiles on the children’s faces, noise, laughter, singing and dancing that dominated the fairgrounds for three days confirm that the Children’s Fair has won the hearts of the little ones and their parents, and we hope that this will become a regular programme in Tuzla in the forthcoming years.