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Tromeđa VI no. 7.

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Contact no.

+387 36 653 450

IFS Certification for Flipko Products!

IFS (International Food Standard) is an international standard established by retail chains and is a respectable endorsement of the product high level quality and safety.

Leading retailers and suppliers have recognised food safety as a priority in their business, and have launched the Global Food Safety Initiative, and the IFS standard is one of the results of such associations.

Considering that consumers, as well as legislative frameworks, require that the food we produce have a high level of safety and quality, we have ensured that a control system for food safety is implemented throughout the production chain.

Controls are carried out continuously, from the entry of raw materials into the factory, production, drying, flavouring, packaging in a modified atmosphere, to the delivery of finished products to the satisfaction of our customers.

We proudly point out that the result of 95.16% (high level) is a reward for a long, extensive and demanding implementation process.

Having obtained the certificate of the most recognised standard for the food sector, we confirm that with our knowledge, top experts and experience we guarantee the production of safe, quality and healthy snack products.

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