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Charisma – Best – rated Žilavka

Evaluation of wine quality at the Mostar Fair is one of the most relevant events of this character on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A multi-member international commission composed of top enologist and led by prof. dr. Bernard Kozina, evaluated eighty samples of red and white wines from Herzegovina and the whole region. Wines were evaluated by groups using the 100 positive-point method.

In order for a wine to win a gold medal and be classified in the premium category, it had to earn a minimum of 82 points. Also, that wine had to have unquestionable aroma, quality in taste and general impression.

The wine rating was in several categories, and the wine quality evaluation of the autochthonous varieties of Žilavka and Blatina was especially interesting, wherein in the extremely strong competition the wine Žilavka Charisma produced by Hercegovina Produkt winery was proclaimed the best rated wine from the Žilavka wine group at this year’s fair.

It is worth noting that Hercegovina Produkt winery has been winning medals at all domestic and international wine exhibitions over the last ten years. Particularly noteworthy are the world-renowned Decanter WWA and International Wine Challenge competitions, where Hercegovina Produkt wines have won many medals, which speaks volumes about their top quality!

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