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Tromeđa VI no. 7.

88260 Čitluk, BiH

Contact no.

+387 36 653 450

New Jogobella

Zott is following the needs and desires of consumers and, it offers new products in line with new trends, so this spring we are launching the new Jogobella Choco Splits.

Jogobella Choco Splits is a special treat for all Jogobella lovers because it is an irresistible blend of your favourite fruit yogurt with chocolate chunks for even more enjoyment.

Jogobella Choco Splits come in four flavours: Strawberry & White Chocolate, Cherry & Dark Chocolate, Blueberry & White Chocolate and Banana & Dark Chocolate.

Always and on every occasion reach for Jogobell, a brand that has always offered only the best in its long tradition.

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