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Tromeđa VI no. 7.

88260 Čitluk, BiH

Contact no.

+387 36 653 450

NEW! Flipko Popcorn

Flipko Popcorn is a new product in the Flipko family. It is made in 2 flavours, salty and with peanuts (32%), in 50 gram and 100-gram packs.

Crispy, glossy flakes that are created by cracking 100% whole and untreated corn kernels are valuable because of their fibre structure, so a larger portion of popcorn can replace a daily dose of essential whole grains. In addition to its fibrous structure, popcorn has a whole host of advantages, one of which is that it has antioxidant activity, is low in calories and does not contain any sugar.

We hope that Flipko Popcorn will be a part of every gathering, party, watching matches with friends.

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