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Tromeđa VI no. 7.

88260 Čitluk, BiH

Contact no.

+387 36 653 450

ADRIA FIT in the Herceg Etno selo

ADRIA FIT Fair to be held in Herceg Etno selo from 1 to 2 April 2017 is the first specialised fair for sport, fitness and health in the region. Renowned manufacturers and retailers of sports and fitness brands, as well as manufacturers and retailers of healthy nutrition and fitness centres and sports facilities, will gather in one place, including a large number of fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts who will have the opportunity, for the first time in our region, to get to know everything they need in one place.

Adria Fit is a two-day event that will bring together education, presentation and tasting of healthy lifestyles and nutrition and demonstrate to the guests the importance of sports and recreation.

The fair is followed by an international expert conference with topics such as: mental training, nutrition, sports injuries, fitness training, motivation and visualisation.

The unusual event “EXLCLUSIVE MEET & GREET WITH LAZAR” is a unique opportunity to get to know the world fitness icon Lazar Angelov in person.

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