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Milk Tiger – New product range

Milk Tiger – Zott’s new large international range of delicatessen dairy products for children

Parents always want the best for their children and this is exactly what the new Milk Tiger baby product range offers. In a form of a fresh cheese spread or colourful pudding – the products win the affection of not only parents but also their children. Both products’ characteristic is that they primarily offer a sense of fun and game for children, and their specific colourful packaging of fresh cheese spreads and interesting tiger strips in pudding. The cute and beloved brand ambassador is Tiger Tim who is as smart, strong and fit as his small consumers. All Milk Tiger products are manufactured in Zott factories in Germany with the highest quality standards.

A fresh cheese spread for growing up

Zott Milk Tiger Fresh Cheese that we reluctantly share with others is packaged in practical and colourful 4x50g portions that are suitable for children. There are favourite baby flavours of strawberry and banana as well as strawberry and vanilla. Milk Tiger Fresh Cheese contains calcium, vitamin D and lots of growth-promoting proteins. In addition, Milk Tiger Fresh Cheese contains only natural flavours, no artificial colours, no preservatives and less than 0.3% lactose.

Tiger pudding pleasure

With Zott Milk Tiger pudding the fridge turns wild. A delicious blend of whole milk, vanilla pudding and chocolate will delight your little sweet tooth. Interesting chocolate tiger stripes are the pinnacle of pleasure. The product contains calcium, a natural aroma of vanilla bourbon and it naturally contains no preservatives and gelatine. There are no obstacles to enjoying the pudding in practical 4x50g cups.

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